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ORGLIST: ORGLIST is closed. New ORGLIST is created

From: Yuri Binev <me>
Subject: ORGLIST: ORGLIST is closed. New ORGLIST is created
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 12:45:14 +0100
Dear ORGLIST member,

The mailing list services by our provider will be shut down tomorrow and no new posts to ORGLIST shall be accepted nor distributed.
The archive will be kept on

As we received many requests to keep ORGLIST alive I decided to create ORGLIST google group.

You are invited to join the new ORGLIST group using the instructions below:

You may subscribe by sending empty e-mail to "orglist-everybody+subscribe" Shortly after an e-mail with activation code included in the subject shall be returned. By replying to this e-mail the you will be subscribed.

Subscribed members can post by sending e-mail to "orglist-everybody" For now new posts are held for moderation. New posts shall be approved as soon as possible (usually couple of hours).

Members can un-subscribe by sending (empty) e-mail to "orglist-everybody+unsubscribe"

Members with google account can do these (and other) tasks in the web interface of the list at

Best regards,
Yuri Binev
(Moderator of ORGLIST)
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