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ORGLIST: THIS orglist will close on April 19

From: "J.Aires de Sousa" <jas>
Subject: ORGLIST: THIS orglist will close on April 19
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 12:49:01 +0100
Dear members

following several posts suggesting that ORGLIST is kept alive in a new platform, I'd like to encourage someone to take the initiative to start it. Maybe those that volunteered to help could contact each other to discuss about the new platform and to take a decision.

I won't be available to coordinate the new service.

In order to start something new, we are running out of time, as (mailing list and web service) will stop working on April 19. I'm moving the web content to a new place, and the archive will be kept available.

If nothing is well defined soon, maybe someone could start a new mailing list (a google group, or similar?) in order that orglist members are informed in time to migrate.

Joao Aires de Sousa
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