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ORGLIST: A new list?

From: Thanasis Gimisis <gimisis>
Subject: ORGLIST: A new list?
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 15:44:51 +0300
Just to add my support to a new scheme that can support a similar list.
It is very useful for Organic Chemists to be able to share problems and
solutions in their experimental, theoretical or bibliographic research.

I believe that sharing resources is very important in todays research where
resources are everywhere limited.

By agreeing to the notion that information should be freely available,
in order to achieve fast progress of today's science, a scheme that brings
together researchers, such as ORGLIST could be of great value.

Simply sharing  an article that one does not have access to, by clicking
on a provided link and sharing the provided pdf is a powerful example.

Therefore, I'll support the new scheme as it evolves.
A great thanks to J. Aires-de-Sousa for all his efforts and initiative.

Thanasis Gimisis
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